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Joint exhibition
"Archive splinters: Eating & Drinking"
with the Bremen Archive Working Group

The KKI is taking part in the joint exhibition "Archivsplitter: Essen & Trinken" (Archive Splinters: Eating & Drinking) organized by the Bremen Archive Working Group. The exhibition will take place as part of the "Day of Archives" (March 2/3, 2024), an event organized by the Association of German Archivists (VdA). More information here: https://www.vda.archiv.net/tag-der-archive/startseite-2.html

The exhibition can be visited from March 1 to April 20 in "Kapitel 8" (information center of the Evangelical Church Bremen). There, the KKI will present an exhibition panel under the heading "Currywurst and Gin" and take Herbert Grönemeyer and Bessie Smith as examples. More information here: https://www.bremer-archive.de/gemeinsame-ausstellung-archivsplitter-essen-und-trinken-1-maerz-bis-20-april-2024/

The official opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday, March 1, at 5 p.m. in "Kapitel 8" (Domsheide 8). There will be finger food and drinks and the KKI will provide the appropriate background music.

Collection of sheet music and songbooks by Prof. Dr. Fred Ritzel (Oldenburg)

Emeritus musicologist Prof. Dr. Fred Ritzel (born 1938) from Oldenburg has given us his fine collection of sheet music and songbooks, which he has amassed over the course of decades. The collection of 12 moving boxes covers a wide musical spectrum (from jazz to Schlager) and a large period of time (mid-19th century to the end of the 20th century). Prof. Dr. Ritzel is one of the pioneers of German-language popular music research. He taught at the University of Oldenburg for many years.
More information about his life & work here: https://www.staff.uni-oldenburg.de/ritzel/
We would like to thank him for his trust and Prof. Dr. Mario Dunkel (University of Oldenburg) for his mediation.

Deaccession of books

Due to a lack of space and the restructuring of our book holdings, we have decided to deaccession (lat., sort out, reduce, purge, reduce or dispose of holdings or collections of a library, archive or museum). We have disposed of duplicates and literature that has no direct connection to music history. The approximately 1,500 books have found a new home at the Bookfarm in Löbnitz, Saxony.

First KKI advisory board meeting

We are pleased to present our new Advisory Board. The constituent meeting took place on Monday, February 12. The six founding members of the KKI Advisory Board include (in alphabetical order): Prof. Dr. Mario Dunkel (University of Oldenburg), Ulrich Duve (formerly HfK Bremen), Prof. a.D. Dr. Gunnar Schmidt (formerly Trier University of Applied Sciences), Prof. Dr. Ilka Siedenburg (University of Münster), Prof. Dr. Ralf von Appen (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna) and Karl Gert zur Heide (Bremen).
The Advisory Board has advisory and representative tasks. It supports the work of the KKI with professional expertise.

KKI director gives lecture on bluegrass at the Philharmonie Luxembourg

On Friday, February 9, 2024, Nico Thom (KKI director) will give a lecture at the Philharmonie Luxembourg entitled "Bluegrass - Virtuoso folk music through the ages". It is an introductory lecture to the concert by US banjo player Béla Fleck, which is entitled "My Bluegrass Heart".
More information: https://www.philharmonie.lu/en/programm/bela-fleck/5087

Arch support was removed -
The KKI is freely accessible again!

Today, the steel supports that have been standing in our vaulted cellar for the last two months were removed. They were installed as a precautionary measure to prevent a potential collapse after some small cracks were discovered in the vaulted ceiling. However, a structural expert opinion was able to give the all-clear, meaning that we can now move freely again. This means that the access ban for visitors has also been lifted. We are very happy about that!

Farewell to Lukas Klose

We were shocked to hear the news of the untimely death of photographer/filmmaker Lukas Klose. Over the last two years, he has taken photos of the KKI from time to time and photographed some of our finds. He worked as a freelance photographer/filmmaker for the University of the Arts and the University of Bremen, among others. He was still quite a young, artistically sophisticated colleague who was a pleasant cooperation partner due to his calm and reflective manner. We will miss him!

New material from Friedel Muders (FUEGO)

Our valued cooperation partner Friedel Muders, who runs the Bremen label and music publisher FUEGO, has once again provided us with interesting material from his collection, including books, vinyl records, magazines, CDs, DVDs, calendars, posters and photos. We are delighted with the exciting media and are determined to present his poster collection in particular in an appropriate way, perhaps in the form of a small (online) exhibition.

New intern for three months

From the beginning of January to the end of March, Peter Handke is completing a three-month internship at KKI, arranged by the Berufsförderungswerk Friedehorst in Bremen. We are delighted to have his support and are happy to give him an insight into our varied day-to-day work.


KKI closed for a short time due to illness

The new year has not started well in terms of health. Due to several cases of illness in the team, we are currently closed (as of January 10).

New FaMI trainee in January

From January 8 to 26, Alina Krusch will be completing a three-week internship at the KKI. She is currently training as a media and information services specialist (FaMI) at the Weserburg Center for Artists' Publications in Bremen and is in her second year of training. We are grateful for her cooperation and are happy to give her an insight into our day-to-day work. FaMI interns visit us regularly and are always welcome.